Strongman Smart Home experts can provide an easy to use Control4 system that integrates your entire house at the touch of a button

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Welcome to Strongman Security

Strongman Security & Smart Homes is a residential and commercial provider of Control4 and Kaleidescape systems. Our expert team starts with the design service bringing your dreams to reality. Then our installation team with decades of experience, puts everything in place. During the clean professional installation process, our highly trained system programmer meets with you to make sure your system works the way you want it to work. Strongman partnered with Control4 because its a proven rock solid platform that perfectly and reliably integrates all components of your home. From lighting to your Audio video systems, whole house music, shades, security, door locks and so much more, you can expect Control4 to never let you down




Lighting & Comfort

Wireless smart Control4 lighting. Easy to install. From 1 room to your entire house. Get setup in 1 day.

Robust Networks

Pakedge and Araknis solid reliable networking products. Your backbone of your home runs on your network.

Multi Room Audio

Fill your home with music. Rock in your Kitchen, Jazz in the bedroom and reggae on the deck. Find out how easy it really is.

Home Security

Using Control4 DS2 Door intercom, know the instant someone comes to your door. Control4 door locks and security integration will never let you down

Tech Talk

  • Add Kaleidescape 4K video entertainment to Your World

    Sitting down to watch your favorite movie or TV series can really be a chore. “What do I watch? Where is it?, Netflix or Hulu? Blu-ray or DVD?” Why can’t it all be in just one place? Well it can. And it should. Kaleidescape offers all your viewing requirements in one easy-to-connect piece of magic. […]

  • Control4 Your Home – Make your House a Smart Home

    Modern trends and technology have dramatically changed the world we live in. Times change and what was standard or acceptable in the past is no longer the case. Living standards have changed and also what is required for the standard house Smart homes are rapidly taking over as a standard requirement for houses. These are […]

  • Comparing Kaleidescape to Streaming Video

    Kaleidescape movies are presented to you in full 4K HDR resolution, matching and sometimes exceeding the quality level of the actual disc or theatrical release. With thousands of uncompressed movies and TV shows at your fingertips, your entire family is sure to be pleased. Taking your cinema experience to the next level in your home […]


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Control4, the Gold Standard in Home Technology

From small and large homes to commercial and multi family residences, Control4 is the cornerstone of orchestrating all of your technologies into an easy and fun to use experience. Sit back, grab a remote, touch pad, ipad, phone or even your voice, and get ready to be in full control of your home including your lighting, TV’s, audio system, door locks, garage door and so much more.

Home Automation

So much more then a smart home, Control4 brings all of your technologies together into an easy to use and fun interface. No need to launch several different apps on your phone, or pick up different remotes to control different parts of your home. Control4 ties all of this technology together into a seamless, fun and super easy to use control system

Pakedge Robust Networks

Control4 acquired Pakedge networking products for one reason…Simply because Pakedge is the number one networking company in the world. Providing the most reliable home and business networks you can buy.

Kaleidescape Movie Server

Instant access to all of your movies with instant playback at the touch of a button. All presented to you in 4k resolution. Welcome to the world of Kaleidescape.

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