Add Kaleidescape 4K video entertainment to Your World

Sitting down to watch your favorite movie or TV series can really be a chore. “What do I watch? Where is it?, Netflix or Hulu? Blu-ray or DVD?”

Why can’t it all be in just one place?

Well it can. And it should. Kaleidescape offers all your viewing requirements in one easy-to-connect piece of magic. Whatever format or resolution you want to watch in, Kaleidescape does the trick. Every DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K movie that you own can be uploaded to your Kaleidescape server to watch at any time you want. You can also watch any video content available on the huge range of content available on the Kaleidescape store.

Kaleidescape is also simple to link to your UltraViolet streaming account so that all your entertainment is only one remote away. Kaleidescape’s high speed processor is completely optimized for video entertainment. So, you don’t need to worry about buffering, restarts or any other connection problem since it is not a streaming service.
Kaleidescape delivers 4K ultra-high definition HDR (UHD) quality so you will never be frustrated with low quality video output.


1. Strato S:  creates a completely immersive cinema experience with state-of-the-art audio-visual playback. It supports built-in playback in 4K Ultra HD. So, you can play any 4K Blu-ray discs or 4K HDR movies that you own. Or any of those purchased from the Kaleidescape store. You are also able to upscale any of your DVDs and HD Blu-ray discs to 4K resolution.
Its internal hard drive can store either 6TB or 12TB of movies. The 12TB model is capable of holding around 300 movies. So, you will be able to import all your DVDs and Blu-rays to watch them at a moment’s notice. The Strato S can also link to any other Strato S movie player or Terra movie server.

2. Strato C: This is a more compact version of the Strato S with no internal hard drive. But you will still be able to play your movies from a connected Terra movie server or Strato S movie player.
It still provides 4K Ultra HD resolution and 60 fps display to give you stunning visuals every time you hit play. Strato C also supports lossless multi-channel audio and object-based audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos. Both its audio and video specifications provide a truly immersive movie-watching experience in a compact form you just won’t find anywhere else.
The Terra Movie Server

The Terra Movie Server stores up to 40TB of movies, the Terra can serve up to ten 4K Strato movie players simultaneously on your network. Simply download movies onto your Terra movie server, and have access to any of those movies from any connected Strato movie player throughout your home.

The Terra Move Server is the center of all your Strato systems. It will add storage to your existing servers and even restore movies from the cloud in case the hard drive ever fails. If you love movies and film, the Terra is designed with you in mind, so that you always have access to your media with just a push of a button.


Log in to the renowned Kaleidescape digital store for an endless selection of movies with high quality audio and video content that will excite you and please you. Choose from movies that are either standard HD or 4K HDR UHD. You can also purchase titles that are in Dolby Atmos or DTS:X audio format for a high quality surround-sound experience.
Use the new Kaleidescape Mobile App, on your smartphone to browse through movies and choose which ones to buy. Right on your phone! Its design and user interface are as elegant and easy-to-use as the onscreen display you have on your TV. Now it’s easier than ever to find what movie you and the family will be watching tonight.

Kaleidescape products also integrate with some of the leading home control brands in the industry, including our partners at Savant. From your Savant smart home mobile application, you can control your Kaleidescape movie players throughout your home.

We recommend Kaleidescape as the perfect custom home theater addition to any home cinema. As a Kaleidescape Prestige platinum dealer, we can help you not only find the right product for you but also expertly install it in your own home.

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