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Modern trends and technology have dramatically changed the world we live in. Times change and what was standard or acceptable in the past is no longer the case. Living standards have changed and also what is required for the standard house

Smart homes are rapidly taking over as a standard requirement for houses. These are intelligent, integrated systems which provide remote control of all devices and facilities in a home. Automated gates and garage doors, time-scheduled lighting and irrigation, or one-touch control of shades and thermostat. All of these are controlled from any remote device such as Touch panel, remote control, computer, tablet or smartphone. The monitoring and control of your home can be done conveniently from anywhere in the world.

The expense of these systems has dropped dramatically – especially the Control4 system. The Control4 system provides a low cost, high quality solution that is easy to install and simple to operate.

At a low cost, the Control4 system provides exceptional functionality and will significantly raise the value of your property. Control4 should, therefore, be considered a very wise investment.


The heart of the Control4 System is the Control4 EA series controller. This is a sophisticated processing unit to which all your devices in your home are connected. It is through the platform that all command and control is executed. Device status and monitoring is also done through the platform to ensure optimal operation.


The command and operation of the Control4 platform is executed through a dependable, seamless and secure network. A secure network is vital to effective and secure operation. Choosing a wireless option is not advisable as wireless networks cannot offer security and this may expose your home to possible attack. Control4’s Pakedge network is uniquely configured for maximum security and is fully compliant with the Platform.


Interfacing with the Control4 system is simple and easy to operate. The Control4 system can be operated by voice, handheld remote, touchscreen or keypad. Activating or configuring device operation is simple and convenient. Choose whichever mode is most convenient. Voice to open and close shades or lock doors, touchscreen to select a movie or a keypad to operate your lighting. All devices are styled uniformly and all operate with a common touch and feel.


Operation and monitoring your home is possible and simple through 4sight, Control4’s convenient and easy-to-use mobile application. Lock your doors, adjust your thermostat or monitor your security cameras from anywhere in the world. 4sight puts your home right in your pocket.


No two homes are the same and each has its own requirements. Our home automation specialists are certified and highly trained to create solutions for you that not only work for every member of the household, but that also fit in with your lifestyle and preferences. Our specialists will be sure of providing a high-quality solution that suits your budget.

It is also not necessary to go “All In” with your set up. Our home specialists will advise you best on how to plan your conversion strategy. You can start with a basic installation such home theater set up and then add devices as your budget allows.

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