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Home networks play the role of back in the home automation system. May it be appliances, other devices, entertainment devices or security home networks is used as a dominant method for connecting them all. A completely reliable and connected home network means luxury, convenience and comfort. It assures that all smart devices are smoothly running throughout the house for all family members. The home network is responsible for integrating all smart technologies wired or wireless seamlessly together from the lighting system to security, audio/video components and many more. A suitable home network should be capable of providing a secure network no matter what devices you add and a reliable foundation so you can add more widgets in the future.

What Strongman Security smart home network offers?

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in installing home network infrastructure for smart homes in NJ. You can manage router settings, sharing of Wi-Fi password, setting up a new network of guests, and many other intelligent features. You can also keep track of family members’ online time and turn off to enjoy family time. You can also schedule network availability for specific devices to make sure they get a good night’s sleep and family time. Keep track of your children, and keep unwanted away. Block any malicious content or specific applications. It is the hub of your home and can be used to control any device so it is curtailed to protect it from any cyber-attack. Strongman Security safeguards your home and online privacy by protecting your home network from public access.

Why choose Strongman Security for home network installation in NJ?

Strongman Security will install a comprehensive family network consist of cat6e cable wire, Pakedge and Araknis networks to make sure you can enjoy super-fast broadband coverage in every corner of your home. We make use of advanced cybersecurity which is capable of delivering robust protection for your home while maintaining the broadband speed. We don’t compromise on the security of your home and make sure the network is blocking malicious or compromised sites, protected against malware, blocking URLs with trackers, protection against botnet, detecting devices, and providing safe access to all smart home devices. Our home network is easy to use and easily manageable through the app. You can control device overview, threat notifications and setting boundaries for children, guests or other family members. Our team of experts specializes in installing well connected, protected, well-functioning and problem-free home networks so that you can take advantage of a completely automated home.

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