Smart Home Automation


From small and large homes to commercial and multi family residences, Control4 is the cornerstone of orchestrating all of your technologies into an easy and fun to use experience. Sit back, grab a remote, touch pad, ipad, phone or even your voice, and get ready to be in full control of your home including your lighting, TV’s, audio system, door locks, garage door and so much more.


So much more then a smart home, Control4 brings all of your technologies together into an easy to use and fun interface. No need to launch several different apps on your phone, or pick up different remotes to control different parts of your home. Control4 ties all of this technology together into a seamless, fun and super easy to use control system


From a simple 1 room system to a 20 room home, Control4 is designed with the user in mind. No technical background required!. Just pick up a remote control, touch pad or your voice, and get ready to fully interact with all of the technologies in your home. From lighting and HVAC, to your TV’s and multi room whole house audio, Control4 is sure to never let you down!

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