Comparing Kaleidescape to Streaming Video

by shehryar

Kaleidescape movies are presented to you in full 4K HDR resolution, matching and sometimes exceeding the quality level of the actual disc or theatrical release. With thousands of uncompressed movies and TV shows at your fingertips, your entire family is sure to be pleased.

Taking your cinema experience to the next level in your home is simple, and Kaleidescape has the solution for all budgets. Let’s take a look at the Kaleidescape components below and contact us for more information or to set up an in-home demonstration


Your family just made the popcorn and sat down to enjoy a movie. You grab several remote controls and launch your Netflix app. You finally find your movie and press play. The movie starts and immediately you know something is not right. The screen becomes blotchy, pixelated and the sound does not appear to be true Dolby Atmos sound. The message appears, “Buffering” and you wait for the move to start again. That is the reality of streaming video services. Kaleidescape will never freeze, stutter or buffer. You will see a full-bandwidth 4K HDR movie in its full glory. That’s because you downloaded the movie from the online Kaleidescape movie store. It is not streaming. You are not relying on your unpredictable internet connection and you don’t have to deal with the amount of over-compression of the video streaming services.

Get ready to experience the Kaleidescape difference and have family fun finding and playing movies in your home.


  1. Strato S: The Strato S is the latest addition to the Kaleidescape lineup. A sleek design, delivering high-performance features. The Strato S can play 4K Blu-ray discs or 4K movies that are purchased from the Kaleidescape store. You can also enjoy your DVD’s which are upscaled to 4K resolution. Using its internal 12TB hard drive, the Strato S can hold over 300 movies including 4K HDR titles. Easily expandable, you can simply add another Strato S or a Terra movie server to store additional movies
  2. Strato C: Similar performance features of the Strato S, the Strato C is a smaller version that does not have any internal storage. Instead, it plays back movies that are stored on the Strato S or Terra movie server. Experience immersive audio and Ultra 4K HD video using the power of the Terra Server to quickly and effortlessly browse through thousands or movie titles, all in a sleek compact aluminum finished design
  3. The Terra Movie Server: With a capacity of up to 40TB of movies, the Terra Server can store over 1200 movies including 4K HDR titles. Easily expand to all of the rooms in your home using the compact Strato C players and enjoy a whole home cinema experience all watching different movies. Adding the Terra movie server will not only increase the storage capacity of your movies, but it will also speed up the browsing and playback as well as increase the download speeds from the Kaleidescape store.m the Kaleidescape store. You can also enjoy your DVD’s which are upscaled to 4K resolution. Using its internal 12TB hard drive, the Strato S can hold over 300 movies including 4K HDR titles. Easily expandable, you can simply add another Strato S or a Terra movie server to store additional movies

Once you install a Terra server in your home, you will fall in love with the performance of your system.


Movies not even available to the general public including the streaming services! You can now order movies and start enjoying them before anyone else. All in full 4K HDR resolution. A fun interactive experience, browsing the thousands of movies right on your TV is a feature not to miss. Choose from Blu-ray, 4K and the ultimate 4K HDR with true Dolby Atmos sound, your movie will be ready to watch when you are.

Using the all-new Kaleidescape mobile App, you can use your smartphone to not only browse and purchase movies from the store but also you can control your Kaleidescape system in your home. This makes your family fun to find and watch your favorite movies.

Kaleidescape fully integrates with all of the Smart home technology products. Strongman Security prefers Control4. Using your phone, iPad, in-wall touchpanels or the sleep Control4 Remote control, you can press 1 button and your movie experience comes to life. Closing the blinds, slowly lowering the lights, turning on your TV and AV system and instantly starting the movie. All without any of the movie trailers, previews, or warnings. Press start the movie and Enjoy it!

As a premier platinum dealer, Strongman Security can provide you with Kaleidescape here in northern New Jersey. Give us a call or send us a message to schedule a no-pressure demonstration in your Home today!


10 Ways Home Automation Can Simplify Your Life

by shehryar

Smart home capabilities include more than just automated lighting and temperature control.

Home automation is no longer perceived as a futuristic concept. Rather, it is a form of accessible present-day technology that can create a home experience with a seamless control over Audio/Video, appliances, lighting, climate, devices and all aspects of the home.

How does home automation work?

The way home automation works are the devices of your home are networked together. Homeowners and business owners are then able to control these devices and appliances through control4 technology, primarily from their smartphone, remotes, wall switches or installed wall tablets. Now, with recent technological advances in home automation, your home environment can become interconnected with the change taking place at the touch of your fingers or upon voice command.

The concept of smart homes, while still luxurious, is no longer unattainable. It is here and now, and entirely accessible to you; a few wire installations and your home is an entirely different experience.

Who could benefit from home automation? Any family or homeowner looking to simplify their home, maximize their experience and minimize clutter, especially with unappealing wires.

Here are 10 ways home automation can provide you with a better, simplified life:

  1. Start your morning coffee from bed: With the press of a button on your phone, quickstart your coffee machine in your kitchen to get your morning cup of coffee brewed and ready for you.
  2. Minimize your collection of TV remotes down to just one: One remote to turn the TV on, one remote for the DVD player, one for volume, one for channels – it’s all too much! Using one remote (yes really just one!) control all aspects of your media, including other home appliances like lighting or surround sound volume.
  3. Your favorite movies, all in one place: Kaleidescape is the ultimate home movie experience by creating an easy-to-use instant movie playback of all your favorite movies. Think of Netflix, with WAY more options, better customization, and extraordinary 4K HDR media quality.
  4. Play music from anywhere in the house: Having a party and your phone speakers aren’t cutting it? Using control4 technology, set up your music to play in any room, throughout the whole house, or even outdoors.
  5. Hidden wire installation for a clean space: Unsightly wires can ruin a home’s decor. With expert wire installation, you’ll never have to worry about “which wire goes where?” or tripping over them. Containing them into one concise, seamless space of the home is not only smart, it maximizes your space in the house.
  6. Security video access: Access security footage of your home, both indoors and outdoors, and be notified of all types of security alerts and facial recognition.
  7. Alerts and notifications for when you forget something: Forgot to shut off the lights? Forget to close the garage door? Set up automatic alerts and confirmation codes so that your home can automatically remember what you forget to do.
  8. Automatic lighting changes for the morning, day, evening and night: How many of us wake up to harsh lighting and an aggressive iPhone alarm clock? With home automation, gently wake up to the sounds of meditative music and dim lighting at the time you need to wake up to start your day.
  9. Easily control your home climate: Like sleeping in cooler weather, but want to keep the AC down during the day? Home automation can be customized to your unique temperature wants and needs.
  10. Everything (literally everything) can be at the click of a button:  Your home, controlled at your fingertips.

Home Theater with Control4: Grab Your Popcorn

by shehryar

Home Theater with Control4

Going to see a movie is exciting. As soon as the lights dim and the music begins to play, you enter into a different world. Now, imagine this experience from the comfort of your own home. You can create a movie theater experience that is all your own, right inside your house.

Consolidated Controls

Creating a home theater does not have to be a difficult operation. You want your entertainment investment to be easily controllable and modifiable to your needs. Using a single remote removes the need for many different remotes that control various functions. Press the “Movie” button on your remote. Immediately after, the projector screen turns on, lights dim, the surround sound activates and thousands of HD movie options appear.

Home theater systems can be configured to command the room lights and even fiber-optic “stars” on the ceiling. Included in home theater control systems are also the temperature settings, surround sound and a motorized lif that rolls down the projection screen, if that is your viewing screen of choice. This is the magic of a home theater experience: the special effects that engage all of your senses. Your home theater can allow you to escape reality for a moment and create a feel-good experience. When you combine whole-home automation with entertainment systems, you can optimize your home theater experience while enjoying your favorite cinema.

Lighting Scene

Watching a movie in a dark environment allows the movie display to appear more vivid, clear and bright This is where customized lighting automation comes into play. Under the command of a home theater system, the lights installed in your theater can slowly fade to black upon pressing “play”. This can be configured to leave some lights on, depending on your comfortability. Your smart home can detect when the movie is over and slowly turn the lights on again. You can customize other lighting scenes within your home theater. For example, a “Clean Up” scene allows the lights to be at full brightness for optimal cleaning; a “Gaming” scene allows the lighting by the seats to be brightly lit so that gamers can see their video game controls, and an “Intermission scene lights a pathway to snacks or the bathroom as to not disturb the other movie-goers.

Minimize Distractions

To prevent unnecessary interruptions, you can view surveillance cameras from the comfort of your own seat. Security camera footage can be viewed from a portable touch screen, control panel, keypad or smartphone. Integrating Control4 technology into your home theater can also allow you to speak with other family members around the house or visitors at the front door.

Creating a home cinema has never been more accessible with Control4 technology. Incorporating home automation into your home theater allows the scene to be set with a simple click of a button.

Incorporating immersive, high-resolution audio, high-definition video, projection screen, and customized lighting creates the ultimate home theater experience. Unsightly wires are not a concern as all of the equipment can be compactly organized and neatly tucked away in a closet and controlled via remote or touch screen.

All you’ll need is the popcorn.


Whole House and Multi-Room Audio

by shehryar

Using Control4, you can play all of your favorite music throughout your entire home or just one room with the touch of a button. With high resolution, multi-room audio, you’re able to customize your home audio experience to create the perfect scene.

Multi-Room Audio

Play your favorite music as loud as you’d like throughout the entire home, or just in a single room. Imagine it’s morning time: parents are getting ready for work, kids are getting ready for school. While parents like to listen to 80s rock, children prefer their 2019 top hits. With multi-room audio from Control4, each individual room can be configured to play different music in various zones throughout the house.

Let’s say you’re entertaining friends outside while your nanny is trying to put your kid to sleep. While you wouldn’t be blasting party music throughout the entire house, maybe you just want the music streamed in the backyard. On the other side of the house, bedtime music can softly play to aid in putting your child to sleep.

While you can listen to the same thing in every room, the option to play something different in any room of the house exists also.

Music Streaming

Your favorite music can begin at the touch of a button from your phone, tablet or control panel inside your home. Stream from your favorite music sources including Sonos, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora plus more.

Control4 and your preferred built-in streaming services work together to produce the best music at the highest resolution and best quality. All music platforms run through the Control4 platform, which means your music is readily available and easily accessible at any point in time.


Gone are the days of unnecessary bulky speakers to bring your home high-res music experience. Speakers can be installed seamlessly into your ceiling, appearing nearly invisible while producing the best sound quality throughout your home.

Smart Home Automation

Playing music throughout the home is more than just listening to awesome tunes, it’s about creating a home environment that makes you feel good with ease and simplicity. With a single touch of a Control4 keypad, or by using voice command, you can set the scene that aligns with how you want to feel. Imaging at the press of a button, music starts to play, shades lower, lights dim, front door locks so it’s just you, relaxing in peace. This is the beauty of a smart home.


What is Home Automation Security Control?

by shehryar

Home security systems have drastically upgraded in recent years. If you’re considering installing a security system into your house, you may want to explore the options for home automation security control. Automated security systems allow the homeowners full access, monitoring and control over their home’s security settings. Whether you view your home’s security system through an in-home control panel or through your home, automated security systems can provide safety and protection for your home, your family and prevent criminal activity.

Remote Access Control

Many automated home security systems now allow remote access via the home’s wireless network. This means homeowners can control their home security system using control4 technology from inside the house or virtually anywhere in the world. There are also apps that come with installed home security systems to allow for easy access, monitoring and change from a mobile device or laptop.

Home Security System Alerts

Automated home security systems include a wide variety of features ranging from basic to complex. A common beginning feature of an automated security system includes battery-operated sensors on doors and windows that detect whether an entryway is open or closed. The sensors communicate wirelessly with a central control hub which can be programmed to be active or inactive. For example, if you are home and doing yard work, in and out of the house, you may want to shut the notifications off. If, however, are on vacation for a longer period of time, you may want to customize different settings. More advanced systems can be integrated with whole-house automation including lighting, window curtains or blinds, entertainment systems, and audio. These features can also be customized depending on which family member enters the house. Through front door security camera technology, you can view from your phone who is entering the front door. Or, your smart home can detect who is entering the home and use their customized configured settings based on the keypad code they enter at the front door.

Motion Detection + Video Monitoring

Other features of a home automation security system include motion detection and video monitoring. Notifications and alerts are also a common feature that lets the homeowner know when family members arrive home safely or who is at their front door. Settings for motion detectors outside and inside the home can be customized to turn on lights within specific rooms or along outside pathways. This home security feature preserves energy, provides a safe arrival home for the homeowners and night, and may serve as a potential deterrent for criminals or burglary.

Security cameras are another popular aspect of automated home security systems. Realtime security video footage allows homeowners to view the everyday happenings around their homes, whether they are in the house or away. With this feature, you can monitor who is entering or leaving the house, or which family member may have left an entryway, like a garage door, open. Most importantly, since modern home security cameras use digital monitoring instead of closed-circuit cameras, the video streams back up onto cloud servers so that homeowners can view their home activities whenever necessary, at any time.

Automated Home Security Control Devices

Here are common systems used for optimal automated home security systems:

Smart Doorbells

Smart Locks + Keypads

Video Security Digital Cameras

Automated Lights

For more questions on automating your home security system, contact us.