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  • 10 Ways Home Automation Can Simplify Your Life

    Home automation is no longer perceived as a futuristic concept. Rather, it is a form of accessible present-day technology that can create a home experience with a seamless control over Audio/Video, appliances, lighting, climate, devices and all aspects of the home.   How does home automation work? The way home automation works is the devices […]

  • Comparing Kaleidescape to Streaming Video

    Kaleidescape movies are presented to you in full 4K HDR resolution, matching and sometimes exceeding the quality level of the actual disc or theatrical release. With thousands of uncompressed movies and TV shows at your fingertips, your entire family is sure to be pleased. Taking your cinema experience to the next level in your home […]

  • Home Theater

    Home Theater with Control4 Going to see a movie is exciting. As soon as the lights dim and the music begins to play, you enter into a different world. Now, imagine this experience from the comfort of your own home. You can create a movie theater experience that is all your own, right inside your […]

  • Whole House and Multi-Room Audio

    Using Control4, you can play all of your favorite music throughout your entire home, or just one room with the touch of a button. With high resolution, multi-room audio, you’re able to customize your home audio experience to create the perfect scene.  Multi-Room Audio Play your favorite music as loud as you’d like throughout the […]

  • What is Home Automation Security Control?

    Home security systems have drastically upgraded in recent years. If you’re considering installing a security system into your house, you may want to explore the options for home automation security control. Automated security systems allow the homeowners full access, monitoring and control over their home’s security settings. Whether you view your home’s security system through […]

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